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NZSATCM offers a dynamic curriculum combining extensive hands-on clinical experience, in-depth classroom instruction, and innovative collaborative learning activities.

Our graduates have the theoretical knowledge, clinical skills, and professional maturity to effectively practise as primary care independent Acupuncture and related Oriental Medicine providers.


Founded in 1989, the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest college focusing on acupuncture and Chinese medicine in New Zealand.

Based in Auckland, the School provides quality education enabling you to gain the knowledge and skills to become a professional practitioner in the field of Chinese medicine. We take pride in ourselves for being a small TCM education and training organisation. Small class sizes facilitate better teacher-student interaction. The library resources and online journals supplement teacher handouts. The opportunity to observe acupuncture clinics and treat patients prepares you to be work-ready.

Quality Chinese Medicine Programmes

Over the years, the School has produced hundreds of graduates who are highly skilled and professional TCM practitioners. The precise clinical skills acquired at the School are used to achieve accurate diagnoses and successful treatments. Our graduates are able to work professionally in local and international environments.

The teaching curriculum prepares you to establish your own acupuncture practice. Within three years of graduation, over 80% of our graduates established their own acupuncture clinics in New Zealand and overseas countries. The school’s range of bachelor’s degree, postgraduate certificate, diploma and masters’ degree studies connect you to the workplace. The curriculum is current and relevant. The contents are of the right mix of theory and practical skills. Our academic staircase enables you to attain multiple qualifications by gaining credits in lower-level studies towards a higher-level qualification.

21st Century Education

Through dynamic team and collaborative learning activities, you will develop an in-depth understanding of East Asian medicine, as well as a solid foundation in Western biomedicine, so that you are able to communicate, cooperate and collaborate with other healthcare professionals as part of a patient-centre team.

Your education will foster information literacy and the ability to engage in evidence/experienced-based practice, preparing you to work independently or to become part of the complementary and integrative medicine models that are emerging in response to healthcare needs.

Size & Support

The School prides itself as a small education and training organisation. The small class size facilitates congenial teacher-student interaction. The library resources and online journals supplement the teachers’ handouts. The opportunity to observe clinics and treat patients prepares students to be work-ready.

Learning support is in place for students needing extra tuition. Welfare of the students is dealt with by dedicated staff who have access to resources.

Disciplines of the Mind

Providing patient-centre care requires being mentally attuned to the nuances of the patient-practitioner dynamic. Your training in disciplines of the mind, including reflective practice, and critical thinking, will provide you with a set of tools to aid you in making clinical decisions in the best interests of your patients. Our graduates become lifelong learners whose truest teachers are their patients.

Practice Management

A successful acupuncture practice requires an understanding of the business, ethics, and legal issues of the acupuncture profession. In the practice management curriculum, you will create a comprehensive business plan that will serve as an on-going resource and road map in creating and marketing a successful practice. You will also learn about practical issues such as scope of practice, medical record keeping, insurance and billing practices.

Mindbody Medicine

Graduates can empower their patients with lifestyle and self-care practices that prevent illness and promote wellness.

How do I become an acupuncturist in New Zealand?

To become an acupuncturist you need to have a Bachelor of Health Science (Level 7) in acupuncture plus 500 hours of clinical practice. Graduates of our 3-year full-time Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) are eligible to register and practise as acupuncturists and ACC treatment providers in New Zealand.

How many years does it take to be an acupuncturist?

It takes three years to attain a Bachelor of Health Science (Level 7) in acupuncture in our School in order to practise as an acupuncturist in New Zealand.

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We offer three easy ways to enrol at the school. Intakes are twice a year.

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