Two Neuropuncture Workshops for Acupuncturists

To support innovation and growth of the acupuncture industry in New Zealand, the NZ School of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine joined hands with Neuropuncture NZ to hold two neuropuncture workshops in its new campus.

Developed by Dr Michael Corradino from US, Neuropuncture is a special system of acupuncture that applies neuroscience and other Western medical sciences to the classical TCM acupuncture model. This enhanced understanding in acupuncture mechanisms and its application to the diagnosis and treatment of pain cases, internal medicine cases, sports medicine and orthopedics.

Neuropuncture prepares the practitioner with evidence-based neuroscience protocols that instill confidence in their effectiveness and empower the practitioner with the communication skills to explain what they are doing.

To promote Neuroacupuncture among NZ practitioners, two workshops will be held for acupuncturists. The first is a one-day workshop on May 8, 2021 (Sat) covering the foundations of Neuropuncture which is certified for 8 CPD hours. The second is a two-day workshop on September 4 & 5 (Sat & Sun) on Mental Health Neuropuncture treatment prescriptions, dosages and treatment plans and clinical applications of the bioelectric sciences for mental health conditions. It is certified for 16 CPD hours.

These two workshops are conducted by Peter Larking who has studied and practiced Chinese medicine for 25 years. Being a former teacher in our School teaching various subjects, Peter is now a specialist and teacher in electro acupuncture modalities and is a certified Neuropuncture practitioner and instructor. 

Please visit to learn more and sign up for the workshops.