Strategic Alliances

NZSATCM has several Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with traditional Chinese medicine universities in China. These memoranda form the basis of present, ongoing, and future cooperation between NZSATCM and these institutions which independently rank among the best traditional Chinese medical universities in China.

Through this cooperation, we send our students and graduates to China to pursue their interests via student exchange programmes and vice versa. 

Hebei University of Chinese Medicine

Established in 1958,Hebei University of Chinese Medicine is one of the earliest established higher education institutions for Chinese medicine in China. Over the past 60 years, the university has trained tens of thousands of specialists of Chinese medicine.

Hebei University of Chinese Medicine offers more than 20 undergraduate majors including Chinese Medicine, Clinical Medicine of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina, Chinese Materia Medica and so on.

There are three campuses in the university, namely: Xingyuan, Juquan and Qizhou. In addition, it owns one affiliated hospital, one scientific institute of traditional Chinese medicine, 19 non-affiliated hospitals, 36 teaching hospitals and 18 clinical practice bases.

Southern Medical University

Southern Medical University, formerly known as the First Military Medical University, was founded in 1951. The university was handed over to the local government of Guangdong Province in 2004 and renamed as Southern Medical University. With over 15,000 students and 700 professors or associate professors in the university, it offers majors in eight academic fields including western and Chinese medicines with seven affiliated hospitals. The School of traditional Chinese Medicine is among one of its 16 schools or colleges.

With 13 affiliated hospitals offering 12,600 beds, the annual number of consultations was over 1,645.

The Register of New Zealand Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (NZRTCMP)

Founded in the 1990s, NZRTCMP aimed at integrating members who were TCM professionals into the New Zealand healthcare environment through attaining relevant academic qualifications as well as going through the registration process to become a registered acupuncturist.

From time to time, NZRTCMP updates its members on the latest legislations affecting the practice and development of Chinese medical practitioners in New Zealand so that members can get themselves prepared well in advance of any changes.

The New Zealand Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association

The New Zealand Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Association was established in 1994 to promote all types of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine in New Zealand. It is a community of different styles and philosophies with the shared purpose of spreading qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine culture in New Zealand.

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