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Founded in 1989, the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest college focusing on acupuncture and Chinese medicine in New Zealand.

The School provides quality education enabling you to gain the knowledge and skills to become a professional practitioner in the field of Chinese medicine. We take pride in ourselves for being a small TCM education and training organisation. Small class sizes facilitate better teacher-student interaction. The library resources and online journals supplement teacher handouts. The opportunity to observe acupuncture clinics and treat patients prepares you to be work-ready.


Campus is in Auckland.


L1, 32 Manukau Road
Tel: 09 630 3546

Quality Chinese Medicine Programs

Over the years, the School has produced hundreds of graduates who are highly skilled and professional TCM practitioners. The precise clinical skills acquired at the School are used to achieve accurate diagnoses and successful treatments. Our graduates are able to work professionally in local and international environments.

The teaching curriculum prepares you to establish your own acupuncture practice. Within three years of graduation, over 80% of our graduates established their own acupuncture clinics in New Zealand and overseas countries. The school’s range of bachelor’s degree, postgraduate certificate, diploma and masters’ degree studies connect you to the workplace. The curriculum is current and relevant. The contents are of the right mix of theory and practical skills. Our academic staircase enables you to attain multiple qualifications by gaining credits in lower-level studies towards a higher-level qualification.

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We offer three easy ways to enrol at the school. Intakes are twice a year.

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