New Journey for our New Students

Ten people from different walks of life have found one thing in common: they all aspire to be an acupuncturist. 

New journey for new students

Believe it or not, our Year one students come from diverse backgrounds. Starting from the front row from the left is Lisa Bu who was a business manager; Lisa Li was a high school graduate and Bonnie Yang was a well-trained beautician. 

In the middle from the left is Mason Joe who was a business student from Waikato University, Neihana Pickering was a builder, Noona Rautiainen transferred her study from Wellpark and Iris Zhang was a nurse in Wellington. 

Standing at the back starting from the left is Kunpeng Wang who was in IT, Jaslyn McQueen is a mother of four children and Ben Park runs a Korea Judo School in Tau-ranga. 

Despite their previous experience, they en-joy studying in our School. 

Neihana said, “Teachers are so much fun. All vibrant, full of extensive in the field knowledge, going beyond their requirements and teaching us deeply. Thank you, teachers! Big shout out to our office administrators also handling much more than they have to. Won-derful school. Full of good vibes and wealthy knowledge.” 

Lisa Bu added, “I enjoy the learning process though it is a big challenge as I have never been exposed to TCM before.”