Donna Kerridge, a well-respected Rongoā Māori practitioner, delivered an interesting and inspiring talk on basics of Maori Traditional Medicine to students and teaching staff of our School. 

According to Donna, Maori healing was not about diseases nor cures but about maintaining the well-being of people as well as the environment. “If the land is not well, we are not well,” said Donna. The land was people’s mother, provider and protector which should be taken care of in the first place.

On top of this, one can learn about the internal mechanism of one’s body from the nature. Donna drew an analogy between a wetland and a kidney. While the wetland cleans the water before going into the river, the kidney filters the blood before circulating in the body. Understanding the ecosystem in a wetland serves to be a blueprint to healing kidney issues.

With respect to the healing of people, lifting the wellness of the people or Qi (life essence in Chinese Medicine) was far more important and challenging than fixing a disease. The goal of the healers was to keep one’s energy glowing inside one’s body, and more importantly, to empower one to heal oneself and the family.

Students felt the presentation has opened their eyes. The School will continue to invite prestigious speakers to deliver thought-provoking presentations to expand the horizon of the students.