Graduate Certificate in Health Science (Tuina Massage Therapy) GCTMT

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved and accredited

Programme Code:
Title:Graduate Certificate in Health Science (Tuina Massage Therapy)
Level: 07
Total credits:60
Delivery mode type:Blended
Delivery method:Face-to-face lectures, online delivery, block delivery, guided reading, practical
demonstrations, clinical observation, participation in on-line or class activities
(such as forums and quizzes) and specialist guest lectures
Assessment method:Reflective learning portfolio, case study/report, observed practice

The aim of the Graduate Certificate in Health Science (Tuina Massage Therapy) is to prepare registered
acupuncturists, with a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) or equivalent, to be able to extend the
scope of their practice in the field of Tuina Massage Therapy.
On completion of the programme, graduates will have the knowledge and skills, within the traditional
Chinese medicine worldview to practise within safe, lawful and professional boundaries in a manner that
is culturally appropriate in Aotearoa New Zealand. They will have an enhanced ability to acquire relevant
new skills in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.
Graduates will have the ability to expand their scope of practice as a Kaiwero Ngira Hauora to encompass
Tuina massage therapy and the academic base required for further tertiary study in a variety of health
and/or policy fields (education outcome) dependant on the requirements of each educational institute.
Qualified acupuncturists may wish to work in a more physically connected, hands-on way with clients and
massage therapy enables this. Tuina massage uses the same fundamental Chinese medicine theory as
acupuncture but extends the knowledge of the structure of the body, muscles, and connective tissues.
Massage therapy is an excellent adjunct for those learners who specialise in musculoskeletal conditions,
treatment of and rehabilitation from injury, paediatrics, and treating anyone who prefers not to receive

Foundations of Tuina and Maori Bodywork Practices, Advanced Tuina Techniques and Common
Musculoskeletal Disorders, Tuina Therapies for Clinical Specialities, Tuina Massage Clinical Training


  1. Apply knowledge of Western Examination Procedures and Diagnostic Tests when treating clients
    using Tuina massage therapy
  2. Integrate and apply knowledge of physical examination into the routine of diagnosing traumatic and
    internal disorders
  3. Provide Tuina massage therapy for specific population groups including but not limited to sports
    medicine, pregnant clients, and the elderly implementing injury prevention strategies for clients
    engaging in sport and exercise
  4. Comply with all legal, regulatory, and professional requirements and guidelines relating to the practice
    of Tuina
  5. Employ appropriate manipulation of Tuina through judicious selection from a variety of appropriate Tuina
    massage strategies and techniques to effectively treat a client’s condition.

Entry requirements
The pre-requisite to the Graduate Programmes is registration as an acupuncturist and the Bachelor of
Health Science (Acupuncture) or equivalent to ensure the required knowledge and understanding of
Chinese medicine to extend their scope of practice to Tuina massage therapy and/Chinese herbal
Learners/äkonga will preferably be currently practising upon enrolment so there is access to clients for
the clinical component of the relevant graduate programme.
An applicant must be registered with a professional body being Acupuncture NZ or New Zealand
Acupuncture Standards Authority Inc., who will have assessed or recognised their education and/or
training to be equivalent to the undergraduate education required in Aotearoa.
Learners/äkonga must have a valid first-aid certificate for the duration of their study in the graduate

English language requirements
An applicant is expected to have a level of English sufficient to enable study at the level of the programme.
International learners/äkonga whose first language is not English must have an international English
Language Testing System (IELTS) overall academic score of at least 6.5 (with at least 6 in each band)
issued within the last two years, or equivalent.


TUIN-200-6Foundations of Tuina and Māori Bodywork Practices
TUIN-400-7Advanced Tuina Techniques and Common Musculoskeletal Disorders
TUIN-401-7Tuina Therapies for Clinical Specialties
TUIN-402-7Tuina Massage Clinical Training

Qualification completed as part of this programme

4561Graduate Certificate in Health Science (Tuina Massage Therapy)
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