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New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Approved and Accredited

PC9792   Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)
Level:   7
Credits:   480
Duration:   4 years full-time study and part-time study available
Intake:   February and July
Location:   Auckland
Delivery   In-house and online supported study (blended learning)
Course Content
• TCM theory
• TCM practical
• Biomedical health sciences
• Professional studies
• Clinical practice
• Research

The first and second years of study provide the   foundation in the required biological, clinical, professional knowledge and skill base. This is enhanced through clinical observation and assisting in the clinic.

The third and fourth years are the clinical years of study where student clinicians offer consultation and treatment services to patients under the supervision of qualified, experienced staff acupuncture       practitioners. They are also introduced to research principles and methodologies in year four.

Pathway to further education

This level 7, four year 480 credit qualification was the first programme of its kind for New Zealand in 2007. It offers hands on training in acupuncture as well as moxa, cupping and gua sha. Developed to meet the continuing educational needs of the large number of acupuncture diploma graduates and people who want to become acupuncturists. It enhances the acupuncture knowledge base and informs clinical practice enabling high quality, first contact, primary-care providers as well as providing the pathway to pursue further studies into postgraduate and Master at NZSATCM's programmes.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of our Bachelor degree trend toward establishing private practices of their own, join or establish multidisciplinary practices or take advantage of flexible working hour opportunities as locums in existing practices.

Entry Requirements

Proof of NZ citizenship or permanent residency
Students must be 18 years or older and meet literacy standards for tertiary entrance NZ students.
Must have obtained 42 credits in NCEA L3 (or equivalent)
International students must meet NZ visa requirements and IELTS 6.0

Course Programme details

Year one
Semester one Semester two
BSC-RES-101: Academic writing BSC-CLN-102: Introduction to clinic
BSC-TCMP-101: TCM practical BSC-TCMP-102: TCM practical
BSC-TCMT-101: TCM theory BSC-TCMT-102: TCM theory
BSC-WMS-101: Anatomy, physiology BSC-WMS-102: Anatomy, physiology
BSC-WMS-111: Basic microbiology BSC-WMS-112: Human development


Year two
Semester one Semester two
BSC-CLN-201: Clinical assistant BSC-CLN-202: Clinical assistant
BSC-TCMP-201: TCM practical BSC-TCMP-202: TCM practical
BSC-TCMT-201: TCM theory BSC-TCMP-212: Musculoskeletal assessment
BSC-TCMT-211: Acupuncture point functions BSC-TCMT-202: TCM theory
BSC-WMS-201: Biomedical pathology BSC-WMS-202: Biomedical pathology


Year three
Semester one Semester two
BSC-CLN-301: Student clinic BSC-CLN-302: Student clinic
BSC-DDX-301: Differential diagnosis BSC-DDX-302: Differential diagnosis
BSC-TCMP-301: Musculoskeletal treatment BSC-TCMP-302: Tuina
BSC-TCMT-301: Clinical patterns BSC-TCMT-302: Clinical patterns
BSC-WMS-301: Diagnosis, referral BSC-WMS-302: Pharmacology


Year four
Semester one Semester two
BSC-CLN-401: Student clinic BSC-CLN-402: Student clinic
BSC-DDX-401: Differential diagnosis BSC-DDX-402: Differential diagnosis
BSC-PROF-401: Professional issues BSC-RES-402: Research methods
BSC-RES-401: Research principles BSC-SBM-402: Clinic management
BSC-TCMT-401: Major Chinese classics BSC-TCMT-402: Chinese medical specialties