NZSATCM has several Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with traditional Chinese medicine universities in China. These memoranda form the basis of present, ongoing and future cooperation between NZSATCM and these institutions which independently rank among the best traditional Chinese medical universities in China. NZSATCM students please contact admin for placements.

Through this cooperation we are able to send our students and graduates to China to pursue their interests. NZSATCM is proud of its long record of cooperation with prestigious Chinese medical universities and professional organisations.


Hebei University of Chinese Medicine

Established in 1958,Hebei University of Chinese Medicine is one of the earliest established higher education institutions for Chinese medicine in China. Over the past 60 years, the university has trained tens of thousands of specialists of Chinese medicine.

Hebei University of Chinese Medicine offers 23 undergraduate majors including Chinese Medicine, Clinical Medicine of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina, Chinese Materia Medica and so on. There are 7,700 full-time students among which 582 are postgraduate students.

The University has three campuses, Xingyuan, Juquan and Qizhou, and owns one affiliated hospital, one scientific institute of traditional Chinese medicine, 16 non-affiliated hospitals, 36 teaching hospitals and 18 practice bases.Since 2017, NZSATCM and Hebei University of Chinese Medicine has begun organising visits between the schools with a view leading to student internship programme in Hebei University of Chinese Medicine.

Southern Medical University

Southern Medical University, formerly known as the First Military Medical University, was founded in 1951. The university was handed over to the local government of Guangdong Province in 2004 and renamed as Southern Medical University.

Southern Medical University has over 15,000 students and 700 professors or associate professors. It offers a Bachelor Degree of Medicine (M.B.), Master Degree of Medicine (M.M.) and Doctoral Degree of Medicine (M.D.). There are eight academic fields covering medicine, technology, science, law, management, arts, pedagogy and economics. The university system comprises 7 affiliated hospitals and 16 schools or colleges such as the school of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The university also houses a group of state-level key subjects, including the key subjects of the State Administration of TCM, and has developed a superior subjects group, with medical science as a backbone and combination of western and Chinese medicines.